BIOS 3120 - Microbiology

This course is an introduction to basic microbiology with an emphasis on the diversity, physiology, genetics, and pathogenicity of microorganisms. Also included are fundamental concepts of virology and the host immune response to infection. The laboratory component provides hands-on instruction in basic techniques used in bacteriology.

GIST 1100 - Pandemics Now and Then

How can different disciplines contribute to an understanding of the sources and impacts of pandemics such as COVID-19? In this 1-credit class, some of WMU's star professors will provide insights about the current pandemic, ranging from how the virus infects the human body to how the plague impacted medieval society.

BIOS 5970 - Host-pathogen Interactions

Students will learn how pathogens interact with and manipulate their hosts to cause disease, and how the host responds to infection.